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Our guidelines in Neurosurgery: We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and leadership

Neurosurgery specialists and care teams strive to provide compassionate care balanced with the latest technology. We carefully consider patients specific circumstances so we can provide the most appropriate treatment with a great benefit.

Our specialists are experts in the state of the art treatments and therapies. By focusing on specific neurosurgical areas, our neurosurgeons offer unparalleled experience and sophisticated expertise. This, combined with a team approach, allows us to provide the best care in a full range.


Service areas:

  • Brain, spinal cord and peripheral neurological surgery
  • Endovascular neurosurgery
  • Pediatric neurosurgery 
  • Peripheral nerve surgery 
  • Skull and skull-base surgery 



Diagnostics: We improve the health of the people and manage illness with skill and compassion

Neurosurgeons use a variety of diagnostic tests to help identify the specific nature of neurological diseases, conditions, or injuries. The results of these tests can help in planning an appropriate course of treatment.


Some of the most common screening tests include:

•    CT/CT Scan (Computed Tomography)
•    CT A (CT Angiography)
•    Plain X-Rays
•    Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap)
•    EEG
•    Cerebral Angiography
•    Carotid Duplex (Carotid Ultrasound)
•    Doppler Ultrasound
•    MRI (until August in cooperation with partners)
•    Myelogram/CT of the Cervical, Thoracic and/or Lumbar Spine
•    Brain Biopsy
•    Nerve Biopsy/Muscle Biopsy
•    EMG/NCS

Services: Getting better means all of us will be responsible for taking great care of our patients

Our neurosurgery specialists use the latest techniques and research applied to perform a wide array of neurological treatments and therapies. We are constantly refining these procedures and researching new applications for neurological disorders so we can offer the best patient care possible.

Surgical services:

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Congenital anomaly
  • neuro-oncology (brain and spinal cord tumors)
  • Skull base surgery
        Transnazal surgery  (transphenoidal)
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Herniated intervertebral disc
  • Spinal instability
  • Vascular neurosurgery (endovascular surgery)
  • Neurotraumatology
  • Functional neurosurgery
  • Peripheral nerve disorders (carpal tunnel syndrome)




  Dr. Irakli Toidze MD. PhD.

Expertise: skull base tumors, vascular surgery, minimally invasive surgery (endoscopic), neuro-oncology, spine surgery


Tel.: (+995 32) 2 190 190







Dr. Giorgi Shalashvili

Expertise: neuro-oncology, spine surgery, vascular surgery,



Tel.: (+995 32) 2 190 190
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