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Our guidelines: We are there whenever we are needed

Our department of intensive care and anaesthesia is a comprehensive facility staffed to provide response to the patient's needs. Our physician staff is prepared to care for critically ill or injured patients as well as those with minor illnesses or injuries.

We provide multidisciplinary approaches in the designing of plans of care, which specifically address and meet the needs of patients with a multitude of disease processes. Admission assessments are done to determine not only the required intensity of service, but also a coordinated care tract for a specific diagnosis.


Intensive Care: all services work collaboratively to insure that all needs of our patients are identified and met in a timely manner


This department accommodates patients with a wide range of acuity as well as disease states such as cardiovascular and neuro-vascular emergencies, acute respiratory dissorders, trauma, domestic violence, etc.

We are offering the experience of innovative, collaborative and caring critical care clinicians. The Intensive Care department takes care of complex critically ill and injured patients. Our supportive environment is the essential key to our success in providing excellent care to our patients and their families.

The intensive care team cares for critically ill patients with complex medical disorders as well as post-operative general surgical and orthopedic patients. Nurses in this unit develop expertise in caring for patients with acute kidney injury and acute liver failure, severe sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction syndromes, and others.

The critical care team includes nurses, physicians, respiratory care practitioners and a nutritionist all with expertise in meeting the needs of critically ill patients and their families.


We also provide 24-hour emergency eye care such as:

•    Traumatic injuries
•    Severe eye infections
•    Foreign object removal
•    Chemical burns
•    Sudden loss of vision
•    Other eye emergencies

Anaesthesia: your health is important for us

Our department is designed exclusively to assess patients before surgery. Patients will undergo expect measurement of your vital signs (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate), an interview with a clinician, and blood work. An ECG and/or a chest X-ray may also be done. Additional tests will be done based on your history, physical condition and the needs of the surgical procedure. The staff will instruct patient about what to expect before during and just after surgery. They will get instructions about when to eat before surgery and what medicines to take before surgery. We give you anesthesia to ensure unconsciousness, prevent and treat pain, and relax muscles during surgery so the operation can be done. We care for our patients so that your surgeon can focus on the operation. We care for your pain needs after surgery. We care for patients in the intensive care unit.

Our anesthesiology service provides state-of-the-art care for patients undergoing a variety of surgical procedures each year. Highly trained anesthesiologists are available in all surgical specialty disciplines including cardiac, thoracic, neurosurgery, ear nose and throat, vascular, bariatric, colorectal, urology, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Programs and services include:

  • Clinical anesthesia (general and regional) provided by physicians who are sub-specialty trained in all of the surgical disciplines.
  • Critical care medicine with specialists who have undergone additional training in this area.

Our superior performance helps surgery department grow to high level while providing safe, secure and improved operating rooms for their patients. Our anesthesia leadership is involved in the day-to-day management of the department, to continually improve clinical processes such as postoperative nausea and pain management, preoperative and post-operative visits. We have all necessary equipment, medication and supplies required to provide safe anesthesia, including emergency medications. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and meet all manufacturer and accreditation standards.





 Dr. Zurab Lekiashvili, MD.

Head of Anesthesiology
Expertise: Anesthesiology



Tel.: (+995 32) 2 190190

 Dr. Sopo Chkhikvadze MD.




Expertise: Reanimation, Intensive Care



Tel.: (+995 32) 2 190190

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