Our believes and goal

Trust and wellbeing are the basis for our success as a provider of health care. With this reason, we orient our care towards our patients. Our priority is personal integrity in every department.


Our goal is to offer a comprehensive, high quality and affordable care for everybody.


The basis for good medicine is the harmony of


  • Freedom and competence in medical care
  • Continual investments and a high quality technology towards a modern medicine
  • The design of services that are sensitive and attentive to our patients needs.


For us quality and profitability are going along with each other within health care, therefore good health care is not a luxury.


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Efficient, independent medical dicisions and referrals are essential requirements for the high quality medicine. It is important that we respond to our patient's individual needs. They are the focus of diagnosis and treatments.

Because of this we take care of your our patients on every stage of your treatment needs here in our hospital. Thus our departments work together interdisciplinarily and take care of best available treatment.

We are planning to invest a great amount of the generated yields of our company into our modern technology and quality.
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