The careful usage of our environment is an important aspect of our health care and therefore a natural component of our business. We significantly value that.

An effective environmental management is not only an ecological purpose for us: Considering our goal to offer affordable and high quality medicine for everybody, it is necessary to decrease the cost of our treatments and energy supply. Therefore we are taking the responsibility to use efficient economic energy and environmental management. Moreover, we are committed to protect the safety of our patients.

We are a hospital and therefore we want to treat people. We do everything, in order to prevent the hospital diseases and infections. Therefore we have a hygiene commissioner, who creates an annual report, which will be published on our web site as well.


Focus on safety

We ensure health and safety by following measures:

  • Systematic hazard evaluation considering pollutants
  • Appropriate disposal of possibly existing pollutants
  • Designed fire prevention measures

Due to our environmental management system we help saving natural resources and reduce pollution.

Focus on Hygiene and Infections


The prevention of contaminations and infections is an important goal for us. In order to assure this, our processes are strictly oriented towards the guidelines and standards. Therefore we established a service in our company, which proves those processes, separated from our quality management measures. Results will be regularly reported to our management. This service enables to avert or change processes in order to prevent danger.


The hygiene commissioner has a high strategic significance within the hospital, because we want to keep the risk as low as possible for our patients.

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