What drives us

Every patient is in good hands.

We are helping all our patients despite their diseases to regain their autonomy and participation in the social life. We don’t believe in miracles, but we believe in the cordiality and affection that have a great impact on the success of a treatment next to medical knowledge and experience. Therefore we value that patients don’t just feel well treated but also safe in our hospitals.

Our employees see an independent person in every patient, whose dignity and personality has to be respected. In order to make our patients feel safe, we are taking time for their fears, hopes and wishes. In our hospitals we offer the possibility for the relatives to accompany the patients during the treatment, because family is still the best medicine.

What we stand for

We treat everyone equally and therefore so differently.


With every patient, we consider his or her specific situation; determine the goal of the treatment and the necessary therapy measures. Our experience helps us here, in addition to our premium equipment.

Quality is important to us.

We offer a future oriented medical treatment towards the highest medical standards. We have a transparent design of our treatment processes in our hospital. Therefore we are able to compare our achievements and results and develop and continually improve our treatment processes and concepts.

Additionally we initiate interdisciplinary therapy projects between the departments. This opens exchange between the departments and also the exchange with international cooperation partners that enable continual specialized dynamics and innovation power.

We want to be the best employer for our staff.

Therefore we offer great perspectives to our teams: we want to set standards from the individual alignment of working hours to the sustainable job, from the internal further education to the external trainings.

Of course we encourage interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and incentives from the outside, so that our medical treatment always matches the currently highest quality standards. We value employees who can accomplish the best for the patient and are looking forward to work every day.

What makes us different

It is the medical treatment and the technological equipment that makes us different compared to other hospitals. We invested a lot of time and money in that.

But not only for that.

We believe in the connection between technology and medical competence. That’s the only way we can ensure sustainable achievements aligned with the highest medical standards. We improve our work daily in a passage of permanent quality management and research supported development of our treatment methods. Thereby the patient safety and satisfaction along with the satisfaction of the purchaser is our first priority.

It is also the way we treat our patients, that makes us unique.

It is the closeness to the human and the view on the individual person. Safety, humor, warmth and respect are just as important during the treatment as medical treatment, physiotherapy, physical therapy, sport and movement therapy, or ergo therapy.

No matter what we do, our principle is: the people in focus.

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