Trust arises from individuality, competence and safety.


We treat everyone equally and therefore so differently. This also applies to patients, relatives, bankers, insurances, business partners and last but not least to potential employees. Respect the dignity of every single person is the highest precept.



The highest medical competence is the base for every hospital. It always has to be kept on the highest level or more specifically the science and research has to be promoted. Human or social competence is necessary for the recovery, but also for the collegial cooperation and the team commitment and the leadership of employees. Economic competence ensures the continuity of the company and guarantees the competitiveness.



Patients can be sure, that everything is being done for their recovery. Beyond the insurances you can be sure, that costs are transparent and upright. Potential and current employees can be sure, that they have ideal working conditions and personal respect in the company.



  • We take over the responsibility for our patients, their relatives as well as for staff and the society,
  • We see an independent personality in every patient, whose dignity has to be respected,
  • We assure with future oriented and the highest medical standards care,
  • We always pursue permanent quality management and research supported development of the treatment methods,
  • We focus on the patient safety and satisfaction, but also on the costs and future safety,

Leading principles

Decentralized and independent leadership


  • clear competences and responsibilities
  • independence encourages quality and self-esteem
  • cooperative management style


Support due to specialists


  • cooperation with western European hospitals and specialists
  • inclusion of physicians from western Europe
  • cooperative realization within the team


Interdisciplinary collaboration


Project work

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