As a hospital, employer and as a company we acknowledge the quality and long-term commitments.


We believe that success is inseparably linked to medical, ecological and social responsibility, because continuing successful health care requires quality-medicine, healthy work and living environment.


We are offering job security and good development possibilities to our employees. Vice versa, we want that everybody physicians, administration, patient care and service departments identify themselves with the goals of our company. Therefore we reorganize our wage system towards long lasting contracts with a stable basic income. In this aspect we are pioneers in Georgian health care. This secures stability for every employer, the hospital and also for our patients.




High quality of medical care is not a coincidence, because every patient has a right to receive the best medical treatment, everyday. That is the central guideline of our medical quality-management.



Medical success is dependent on the advancements of technological equipment and the medical competences of physicians and nurses.



The careful usage of our environment is an important aspect of our health care and therefore a natural component of our business.

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