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20 Март 2023

The Children’s Health Centerof New Hospitals has been operating for 4 years already

The Children’s Health Center of New Hospitals, which is unprecedented in the country in terms of its infrastructure and service quality, has been providing service to patients at full capacity for four years. It employs experienced specialists providing 24/7 complete pediatric care. The center has pediatric emergency and urgent care departments, pediatric surgery, and outpatient services; in addition, advanced diagnostic radiology (X-ray, MRI, CT) and laboratory investigations are available in the Center.

Since its opening, the Children’s Health Center has collaborated with several leading pediatric hospitals worldwide, such as the Mayo Clinic (USA, Minnesota), Arpajon and Necker–Enfants Malades Hospital (France), Munich Children’s Surgical Center, and Charité Clinic (Germany). Through this collaboration, physicians at New Hospitals have the opportunity to enhance their qualifications in the world’s best clinics. Furthermore, this collaboration facilitates the integration of European and American medical advancements into the Children’s Health Center and the provision of top-quality pediatric services to patients.

New Hospitals is a multi-profile clinic built according to European standards, offering high-quality inpatient and outpatient services since 2011. The clinic serves both Georgian and foreign patients daily, with individuals arriving from various countries worldwide to receive medical services.